Welcome to Bryn y Cadno Camping

Natural and Wild

A wonderful, natural and wild gem in the beautiful Carmarthenshire countryside. An ancient farmstead tucked away down its own track, lost in the world of long ago – time stands still.


Relax – Breathe in the fresh clean air, leave the everyday behind

A babbling river to lull you to sleep, birds to wake you as they greet the new day. Watch the clouds or a Red Kite soaring, the wild trout below the bridge or listen to Natures music – the breeze rustling leaves, bees buzzing, a lamb bleating.

Our pond is home to a family of Moorhens, Canadian and Barnacle Geese visit each year, ducks fly in from time to time and its also the annual maternity ward for Frogs, Toads and Newts. The meadows and woods are full of all sorts of life – Dragon and Damsel flies, butterflies and bugs and beetles of all colours, shapes and sizes, mischievous squirrels, secretive mammals and so many different birds. If you are still and quiet you might even spot an Otter or a Kingfisher looking for supper. In the evenings you might see or hear the resident owls and the bats come out from there summer roost in our attic to catch moths and insects. Always something to see.

Spend a cosy evening around the campfire, singing or telling tall tales of the days adventures – toast marshmallows – make steaming hot chocolate – then lay back and look at the stars, we are close to the Dark Sky Reserve on the Brecon Beacons so have lovely dark skies and if your brave enough to camp early in the season on a frosty night the sky is a wonder to behold.

Blowing our own trumpet -Bryn y Cadno was part of a Documentary film of the River Towy – the longest river that runs entirely in Wales – It shows the otters visiting our pond on a search for supper.